To cloth or not to cloth?

Bummy wrap

To cloth or not to cloth?

CRUNCH deets:
Disposable diapers revolutionized your mom’s generation but you’ve noticed all the trendy moms are doing it: cloth diapers. But cloth diapers and everything that goes with them are so expensive, how can it possibly be worth it? And who wants to deal with poo-smeared cloth anyway? And why do they even make those diapers so white when they will be poo-smeared almost upon impact? The whole concept of diapering is making you so anxious you’re almost desperate enough to test out Elimination Communication. Almost.

The Fix:
Sit on the fence.

Fix deets:
As with most parenting decisions, everyone you know has an opinion and will be able to sell you on their method. Benefits of cloth: all natural, so no harsh chemicals or potential toxins, waaaaaay cheaper in the long run, no messy explosive poo all the way up your baby’s back, less waste in our kids’ landfills, supposedly makes it easier to toilet train because the wet cloth feels so uncomfortable (jury’s still out on that one in our house but then our boys never care when they’re dirty) and you almost never need diaper cream because your babe almost never has a rash. Benefits of disposable: avoiding yet another load of laundry if you’re washing the cloth diapers yourself (which is really A LOT easier than it sounds), no big bulky baby bum impeding her ability to practice her crawling skills, and of course the convenience. Did we mention they’re super convenient?

So, faced with two competing options, why not take the best from both worlds? We use cloth as much as possible – now with our third baby they’ve paid for themselves many times over – but we keep disposables on hand to mix it up when the situation demands it. Like at night. Nighttime is definitely disposable diaper time in our house. We smear on the Zincofax, tuck the baby into her Pampers, read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and after goodnight kisses, we pray to the sleep gods that she’ll give us a solid ten hours. Well, really we pray for twelve, but who are we kidding? We also turn to disposables when on vacation and if our house is in survival mode. Newborns, babies with sick mamas, and a baby whose brother is having a birthday party within the week all get to enjoy the feeling of being all-dry, all-the-time.

Remember this:
There’s a reason why one of our values is ‘Balance’. The phrase “everything in moderation” applies to, well, everything. Parenting decisions are rarely all or nothing propositions, so combining two different solutions into one that works for your family is a perfect middle-ground. Besides, choosing a diaper is not a life or death decision. Within a few short years your baby will be saying buh-bye diapers, hello potty, and it will actually make you so sentimental you’ll be reaching for a… handkerchief?

Email any questions or leave a comment below to let us know how this worked for you!


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