Stuck in a moment.

Toddler musical park

Stuck in a moment.

CRUNCH deets:
You go from mild to meltdown, tame to terrifying, and pretty polite to pretty PO’d faster than a three-year-old. Whether it’s your children, spouse, telemarketers, the CRA, a rude grocery store clerk, or an obnoxious driver pushing your buttons, the result’s the same. Your heart’s pounding, blood’s boiling, jaw’s clenched, and brow’s furrowed beyond Botox repair. Can you say STRESS?

The Fix:
Sing it for the world.

Fix deets:
We wanna tell you to relax, but we’re kinda afraid you’ll shoot the messenger. So first, breathe… just breathe. Again. And again. One more time. Okay, now you can continue.

Anyone else humming a tune or two after reading this far? There’s a reason for that. Music is power, people! In Oryx and Crake the genetically-engineered Crakers weren’t coded to appreciate music but guess what: they still did! They defied science to rock out and you? You were born into a world evolving from records and tapes to CD’s and iTunes. Now’s the time to put all those music-lovin’ years to good use.

You need a theme song. In fact, unlike Ally McBeal, you need a whole bunch of theme songs. Sung full-volume or in your head, it doesn’t matter. Who hasn’t belted out “I will Survive?” after a break-up? Empowering, right? But you can harness that power by using music in any situation, not just the lowest of the lows. When your lovely child continues to leave granola bar wrappers randomly strewn about no matter how many times you remind her that shiny silver can in the kitchen is actually a garbage bin and not just a fun toy for her to step on so the lid pops up, break out some “STOP in the name of love,” before you freak out for the millionth time. When you’re about to lose it on your spouse and spew wonderful phrases starting off something like “You never…”, “I always…”, and “Why can’t you be more like…”, start singing your wedding song to force a moment of chill. If the baby’s freaking out in her car seat and you’re stuck on the highway, singing Three Little Birds or a showtune may not calm her down, but it’ll definitely help you relax. And when some jerk cuts you off and then taunts you after you honk him, well, that’s when you turn to Eminem, Hole, or Ani. Even if it’s through clenched teeth it’ll give you pause long enough so you don’t react badly. Reacting badly to a crazy driver is scary enough since you have no idea how he’ll react, but if your kids are also in your car then letting them see you lose it is seriously scary.

Theme songs are important to diffuse stress but they’re equally powerful in moments of triumph. When you’re kicking butt in your workout and just so happen to be listening to Firework, you know Katy’s singing to you, right? And how freakin’ awesome do you feel? It’s important to feel good about your highs – especially because most of us have very critical inner voices and the positive vibes are few and far between. Booked your babysitter and getting ready for a night out? I Gotta Feeling you should blast some Black Eyed Peas to set the tone. Made a great meal for your family? That’s Amore. Had a productive vent-session over brunch with one of your besties? Hey, we all get by With a Little Help from our friends. Spent quality time crafting with your kid followed by a park-date and no one had a tantrum? You Are My Sunshine. Went a little overboard with your credit card but it’s mostly for your fam so no need to feel guilty? Who can relate better than the Material Girl herself? Our list goes on, and on, and on. And on! The more you incorporate music into your everyday the more it starts to happen naturally. And who doesn’t want more music in their lives?

Remember this:
It’s just a moment, this time will pass. No matter how bad the experience, you can still choose your reaction. Remembering your mantra is easier if you set it to music. And singing it in your time of need will help you sleep at night with no regrets. The Yes We Can campaign was based on Obama’s theme song, so what are you waiting for?

Let us know your theme songs and how they help you!


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