Did you ever have to make up your mind?

Wow, you guys liked our Ky Young contest! And the lucky winner is… Janine! Thanks to everyone who entered and don’t worry if you didn’t win, we’re lining up more awesome giveaways as we speak… um, write… or, read…? Well, we’re lining up some fun stuff anyway. Congrats Janine!


Did you ever have to make up your mind?

CRUNCH deets:
That one. No, actually that one. Or, er, wait… the first one. Yes, definitely that one. Um… or maybe that other one. Hmmm. What do you think?

The Fix:
Think before you jump, and then dive in.

Fix deets:
One of us LOVES Band of Brothers. Hint: it’s not the goop-lover. The BoB bond is so strong that every fall a BoBfest descends upon our house. So that’s episodes one through ten back-to-back, all in the span of a weekend. Yup. And while the non-smitten one of us (that’d be me, peeps) generally avoids the BoBathon, I have to admit it has its moments. And a superb cast including Damian Lewis (before he turned tortured Marine/Muslim/triple-agent), Ron Livingston (from Sex and the City and/or Swingers depending on who you ask), and Marky Mark’s big bro. They share plenty of wise snippets, but the most memorable to me was this nugget from Mr. NKOTB as First Lieutenant Carwood Lipton: “Lieutenant Dike wasn’t a bad leader because he made bad decisions. He was a bad leader because he made no decisions”.

Ernie’s not the only one who hogs the remote. A show I’ve been obsessed with enjoying lately: Scandal. Sure, it has its flaws (I still think ‘bad guy from Ghost’ instead of ‘sexified Prez’ and please, please, enough with the gladiators and the white hats Shonda Rhimes), but the good far outweighs the bad. One thing that works for me is Olivia Pope’s take on decision-making: trust your gut. She got that from me.

We’ve been dragging our heels a bit on our basement reno. If you recall, the last time we left off, it looked something like this:
Well, that turned into this:


And then this:


Yay! All in all, the dig-out took about six weeks, which meant a month and a half of construction dust, no laundry, and some very entertaining conversations with our awesome Irish/Scottish work crew. It also meant we had time to figure out the next phase, as in, who would finish up the job. And the lucky contractor we’ve selected is… well, this is embarrassing. We spent about the first five weeks admiring the progress, the sixth week discussing what to do about stairs, and the three weeks since have gone something like this:

C… “They came back with their quote. It’s not great.”
E… “We can call that other guy.”
C… “Yup. He won’t be cheap though. But it’ll look perfect.”
E… “Yeah. But how perfect does a basement have to be?”

We pause here to contemplate. Until one of us says the inevitable “I really think we could do it.” And the other one agrees with “The basement’s the place to learn, right?” We pat ourselves on the back a few times and forget about it until the next quote/referral/reality check.

So here’s what we do to break an indecision cycle:

  • Research. The bigger the decision, the more the research. We’ve already invested a sizeable chunk of change to get our fantastic eight-foot ceilings, so this definitely qualifies as BIG.
  • Let our options percolate even if we want it done yesterday. Major decisions require major patience for minor regret.
  • List it out. Pros of DIYing the rest: cost, fun, pride. Cons: time, stress, and did we mention time? We’re talking YEARS of safety glasses/circular saws/noise/dust vs. the cost of a car. So you see the dilemma.
  • Take off our blinders. Sure, power-tools are Fun with a capital F, but not when you have to use one every spare minute for YEARS. Did we mention it’ll take YEARS to complete? And saying that stress is a con probably underestimates how marriage-challenging it would get.
  • Go with our gut. Gut’s obviously pointing to a pro. But the cost! Oy.

When all else fails, we resort to the path of least resistance. This ties in nicely with the ‘Research’ phase, because while we continue to resist any actual hammer-wielding, we also continue to receive more and more recommendations from neighbours and friends. Our decision is thus: keep looking for a pro who fits our budget and if we exhaust our referral pool and still haven’t found The One… break out our steel-toes and get to work. So for now, the fam can keep doing this:
And I can ignore this:


As long as we can still do this:


Remember this:
There are no bad decisions, only learning lessons. Figuring out your best option is a lot smarter than sitting on the fence or jumping the gun. And once you’ve made up your mind, move on. Dwelling and second-guessing is a classic Lieutenant Dike move and it’s just not worth your precious time.

Leave a comment or email us if you know an awesome contractor or want an underpinning referral!


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