The September menu.

Our September menu plan is now up over on our Support page.

Food tip of the month: let your meat “rest” before cooking (leave it out of the fridge an hour early to come to room temp). Same goes for eggs. The biggest hit this month was the turkey parm – yum! Best shortcut meal TheLeastAppetizingGrilledCheeseEverwas BBQ chicken drumsticks. The biggest fail was the tofu stir-fry. Bland. An even bigger non menu-plan fail was this super appetizing take on a classic… AKA the worst grilled cheese ever.

I’m trying to amp up our meatless meals, so please email us any of your fave vegetarian recipes! Also let us know if you’d like a recipe or the whole 2013 menu plan.

Blank days mean leftovers, takeout, or something social happened. We serve at least two veggies – usually whatever’s in the fridge. If they’re written on the plan it’s because one of the boys chose it for his meal night.

On another note, I’ve finally welcomed 2008 by setting up Facebook accounts. You can find me here and the biz here. It’s a work-in-progress and I’m obviously a newbie, so if you want to like us, friend me, or make a suggestion, well, THANK YOU.


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