The October menu.

Our October menu is now up over on our Support page. Blank days mean leftovers, takeout, or something social happened. We serve at least two veggies – usually whatevs in the fridge. If they’re written down it’s because one of the boys got a little specific for his meal night.

Food tip of the month: water is your friend. Specifically, soaking water is your friend. Instead of rinsing fruit and veggies, let the berries/broccoli/baby carrots soak in a big bowl, swirl to agitate (yup, I know a fancy word or two), drain, and repeat. MUCH more thorough. Soaking also cleans the crap off of beans/lentils/quinoa/rice so it’s healthier and tastes better – I won’t make rice unless it’s been soaked for an hour or three. And soaking cut-up apples/peppers/potatoes/almost anything in the fridge lets you prep the night before so dinner’s a quick saute away when you get home from work/piano/swimming.SpiderMan Pumpkin

Biggest hit this month: Ernie’s birthday dinner of corn muffins, ribs, and homemade cheesecake. This one’s a crowd-pleaser, and it’s a lot easier than it sounds. Hint: slow-cooker.

Best shortcut meal: chic pea quesadillas. Fast, healthy, and delish. Loved by all… which is rare. Best non-meal shortcut was the pumpkin “carved” by Ernie at exactly 5:57pm last night. Spooky!

Biggest fail: Lemon butter snapper. They were out of tilapia and the fish guy told me snapper would be a good sub. Nope.

Email us if you’d like a recipe or the entire 2013 menu plan.


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