The November menu.

Our November menu is now up over on our Support page. Blank days mean leftovers, takeout, or something social happened. We serve at least two veggies – usually whatevs in the fridge. If they’re written down it’s because one of the boys got a little specific for his meal night.

Food tip of the month: become besties with your freezer. Shortcut it with frozen veggies, save leftovers to serve another night (as is or reincarnated in a pasta sauce/frittata), and create pro-style birthday cakes like Lola’s first-birthday butterfly.11Jun2013a

Biggest hit this month: Soup, soup, and more soup. Any veg/herb with chicken/beef broth and my hand blender to puree. YUM.

Best shortcut meal: Omelette muffins for our tae-kwon-do “picnic”. We put up a good fight, but have now joined ranks with those who eat on the go between extracurriculars. Happens to the best of us.

Biggest fail: Lentil cabbage rolls. They were okay, but for the amount of effort okay was not acceptable. And I even did the lazy/unrolled version! My quest for easy vegetarian meals loved by the whole fam continues.

Email us if you’d like a recipe or the entire 2013 menu plan.


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