The December menu.

We’re taking the next two weeks off for some quality fam time, so we’re posting our December menu early. It’s over on our Support page. Blank days are leftovers, takeout, or something social. We serve at least two veggies – usually whatevs in the fridge. If they’re written down it’s because one of the boys got a little specific for his meal night.

Food tip of the month: Heating up a stainless steel pan first, then heating up the EVOO, and THEN adding the meat results in far less sticking. And resist that initial urge to check – let it sear peeps!Chicken Pot Pie

Biggest hit this month: Chicken pot pie. Who doesn’t love a pastry crust?!

Best shortcut meal: French toast sticks. Jack’s choice… natch.

Biggest fail: Honey salmon quinoa. The salmon’s usually good, but unfortunately I was on potty-duty while it was broiling. And the quinoa’s almost always a hard sell to anyone except Alex, who eats anything and everything… even salmon that’s had the charred surface scraped off.

Email us if you’d like a recipe or the entire 2013 menu plan. And Merry Christmas! Hope you and your loved ones have a safe and happy holiday!


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