The January menu.

Our January menu is now up on our Support page. We meal plan it out fam-style, hence delicacies like PB&J and french toast. We’ve been asked to be a little more specific about our off-nights so… Harveyshere’s to keeping it real, peeps.

Food tip of the month: Almost any leftover can be heated and pureed into soup with an immersion blender. Hold the lid or a washcloth right over the pot to minimize the splatter and lunch is ready!

Biggest hit this month: Anything with corn muffins is always the biggest hit. Always.

Best shortcut meal: Chicken drumsticks marinaded in General Tzo’s sauce with egg noodles and sauteed veggies on the side. Props from Alex that night: Thank you for this yummy dinner, it’s the BEST! Did you spend all day making it or something?

Biggest fail: Cabbage rolls. Bland.

Email us or leave a comment below if you’d like a recipe or our 2013 menu plan.


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