The February menu.

Our February menu is now up on our Support page. We meal plan it out fam-style, hence delicacies like pancakes and pizza.Making pizza

Food tip of the month: Streeetch meals and bump up nutrition by adding beans/veg/broth or all of the above. This is how a meal for four feeds our fam of five. Lola and Jack still resist some add-ins unless they’re pureed, but we’re always honest when we Sneaky Chef it. It is the best policy after all.

Biggest hit this month: For the adults it was french onion soup. For the munchkins it was pancakes… natch.

Best shortcut meal: PB&J. Duh.

Biggest fail: The salmon quinoa casserole. Red quinoa is not a hit in our house. Boo.

Email us or leave a comment below if you’d like a recipe or our January menu plan.

*Pssst… props if you noticed this isn’t our regularly scheduled programming. Mondays and Fridays are proving a little much… I blame House of Cards. So we’re doing what we do best when something’s not working: switching it up. See you next Thursday!


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