Freebie time!

*** Congratulations Rebecca H – you just won this contest! Thanks to everyone who entered & stay tuned for another freebie next month!***

If you have a school-aged kid then right now you’re either counting the minutes until March break so you can kick back in your PJ’s without fretting about the school run/lunches/homework OR you’re freaking out about how the heck you’ll stay sane for one week sans school. Either way you need a plan.

Et voilà. This month’s giveaway is a March break fun kitMarch break/boredom buster/sanity saver/fun pack. It includes an ERUPTING VOLCANO kit, a FROSTING DECORATING SET, a coupla BOOKS, and why yes, that is a $10 iTunes gift card you see in the bottom of the very hastily-snapped pic. Sweet!


Many of you have heard me rave about Rima Macikunas and her awesome, awesome jewellery. Her online shop is but she’s so cool she’ll custom make you just about anything – which is how I scored my munchkin fingerprint necklace and Ernie’s fingerprint cufflinks and tie pin. Gorgeous and reasonably priced.

The multi-talented Ms. Undine also operates an AMAZING Art Camp for Kids. It’s ages 4-12, half-days or full, aftercare is available, and… you know what’s coming, right? Rima has kindly donated a $30 art camp gift certificate that can be used during March break or you can hold onto it until the summer. Because the summer is even longer.


There are FIVE ways to enter for a chance to actually enjoy your March break. Take your pick or do as many as you want for multiple entries!

Enter by:

  • Liking our FB biz page ( And then tell us because FB randomly hides likers from page administrators. Oh Facebook… you so cray-cray!
  • Sharing any link from our FB page on your timeline. And, yup, tell us.
  • Following us on Twitter (@CRUNCHcompass).
  • Subscribing via email in the Sign Up field on the right – it’s free of course!
  • Sharing one of our links and cc’ing me on your email (

If you already do these things and want your name in the draw, leave a comment or contact us.

Thanks for reading/sharing/liking/tweeting… and good luck!

Winner will be chosen at random. Contest closes Friday, March 7th at 1:23pm.


6 thoughts on “Freebie time!

  1. We love Rima’s camp too! She is beyond awesome and I love how you are promoting it- we have such a great community here!
    We already like you on FB and subscribe as well and if I was on Twitter of course I would follow you :)

  2. What a fun giveaway, and great timing too! I like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter (I’m @fromthelilypad) and subscribed to your site via email. :)

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