Book love.

Margaret Atwood Toddlers

Book love
I love books. My kids love books. We also love to share the books we’re crushing on to spread the love around. Here are our top picks from the past month.

The Secrets of Happy FamiliesThe Secrets of Happy Families
My friend Jill recommended this one and it is awesome! Some things I’m planning to incorporate (family meetings, vacation checklists) and others are already off the table (Amazing Race in the dead of the night with a four year-old? No thank you). It’s got a ton of great ideas that are succinctly summarized in the last sentence of the book: “What’s the secret to being a happy family? Try.” This is an excellent answer. I would have said “Sleep,” but hey, trying’s up there too. Thanks Jill!

Iron Man book Iron Man Manual
I know this doesn’t look like much but hoo boy do not judge this book by its cover. Ernie bought it for Alex for Valentine’s Day (yes, we gave chocs too) and he’s barely put it down since. It’s supposed to be a scrapbook created by Jarvis that itemizes every. single. detail of the IM movies with drawings, blueprints, post-it notes, the works. Hours and hours of reading… just be prepared for the inevitable hours and hours of conversation.

Splat the Cat Takes the CakeSplat the Cat
Jack chose this for his last Scholastic book and he loves it. A lot of rhyming and repetition, which is perfect for sounding it out and word recognition. We are not cat people so at first I didn’t really get what was so appealing, but then I realized, duh, it’s the superhero. And cake always makes anything appealing in our house… we are definitely cake people.

What's Wrong Little PookieWhat’s Wrong Little Pookie?
I don’t need to say much about Sandra Boynton you don’t already know, but if you’re sick of beebos and la, la, la-ing, try this one. Lola is sympathetic towards Pookie, often trying to wipe her (his?) tears away and sometimes bringing an ice pack from our freezer to console her (him?) on every page. So not only is it an excellent read during potty time, it’s also an excellent read when she’s upset and needs a distraction. We don’t even need the book – I just start asking the questions and soon enough she’s piping up with a little ‘no’ here and there. The one question I’d suggest Ms. Boynton add to any future releases: Are you teething? And maybe: Is Margaret Atwood stressing you out? Lola honestly picked that one off our bookshelf and started flipping through it all by herself – that’s my girl!

And here’s what Ernie’s been up to lately…

House of Cards

Me too. So, so evil! And so, so good!

Read/watched anything good lately? Leave a comment below or email us to share!

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