The March menu.

Our March menu is now up on our Support page. We meal plan it out fam-style, and always serve at least two veggies (usually whatever’s in the fridge).

Food tip of the month: If you have a picky eater, you already know not to become a short order cook: catering to requests and serving the same handful of things in rotation. However, it IS smart to cater to tastes by switching out something that’ll be an immediate turn-off. This soup was served three different ways: 3Apr2013with plenty of chard for the leafy green lovers (and Alex who’ll eat just about anything), peas for the chard-averse (Jack), and separated veggies for the cuppa-soup drinker in our house (Lola). There are tons of ways we nudge Jack (and Lola) to try something new/previously rejected, but putting it front and centre is a set-up for a dinner fail.

Biggest hit this month: Spaghetti and meatballs. Lola kept asking for ‘more bobas’ even after she’d finished dessert. Woot!

Best shortcut meal: Mish mash. Also known as leftovers or fridge-cleanout-night.

Biggest fail: Sausages and rice. An attempt at a quickie shortcut that turned out more bland than quick. I’ve been off sausages since my last post-dinner ‘morning sickness’, and every time I think ‘Maybe this time!’, I’m reminded ‘NOPE’.

Email us or leave a comment if you’d like a recipe or any previous month’s menu plan.


3 thoughts on “The March menu.

  1. Love this update! We’ve been pretty lucky in that our Things will try just about anything. If there is a definite aversion, we try to accommodate a bit by making sure there’s at least one thing on the table that everyone likes, but that doesn’t mean different meals. No way! No short order cooks, here!

    It’s hard to be upset with a kiddo who loathes green peppers, when he’ll eat arugula pizza! :D

      • Exactly. individuals, right? :D

        Yes, most times it’s pretty easy-breezy, but if we are pretty sure there’s a known “offender”, we make sure there’s also something “yummy”.

        The sun is actually shining right now and it is wonderful! Still waiting for some big signs of spring! ;)

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