Freebie time!

I was invited to attend an Ask for Task event recently by the awesome Karen Davey from Mommy Connections. Upon our arrival, we both started tweeting like maniacs to try to score a door prize. And score we did! Karen won a lovely box of fancy soap and I, well, I won SoYoung basketThe Big One: this basket containing a SoYoung Red Scooter toddler backpack and matching lunch box, along with some supersweet piggy crafts and garden tattoos. My crappy picture doesn’t do it justice (as usual) but let me tell you guys, it is fantastic! Even Jessica Alba thinks so. I was tempted to keep it, but our boys are already well equipped, which means Lola has plenty ‘o hand-me-downs.

It was donated by Balafant Boutik an amazing baby/child store you should definitely check out if you like to shop. Thanks Balafant!

There are FIVE ways to enter for a chance to win. Take your pick or do as many as you want for multiple entries!

Enter by:

  • Liking our FB biz page ( And then tell me because FB randomly hides likers from page administrators. Oh Facebook… you so cray-cray!
  • Sharing any link from our FB page on your timeline. And, yup, tell us.
  • Following us on Twitter (@CRUNCHcompass).
  • Subscribing via email in the Sign Up field on the right – it’s free of course!
  • Sharing one of our links and cc’ing me on your email (

If you already do these things and want your name in the draw, leave a comment or contact us.

Thanks for reading/sharing/liking/tweeting… and good luck!

Winner will be chosen at random. Contest closes Wednesday, April 16th at 1:23pm.


9 thoughts on “Freebie time!

  1. That backpack is TOO MUCH! DYING!! Thank you for sharing your goodies, Charise. I like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter (I’m @fromthelilypad) and subscribe to your newsletter.

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