Book love.

Congratulations to Marissa, who won our Balafant Boutik basket of goodies! Heads-up for the next freebie, Marissa did every one of the shares/follows/likes on the list, proving that wacky statistical analysis whereby the more ways you enter, the better your odds. Yay Math! Almost as good as yay books!


Book love
I love books. My kids love books. We also love to share the books we’re crushing on to spread the love around. Here are our top picks from the past month.

The Highly Sensitive ChildThe Highly Sensitive Child
My friend Linda recommended this one after I FB’d a request asking other parents how to help an introverted kid socialize. I’m introverted and sensitive, so it’s no big shocker that my almost eight year old is too. Alex still struggles at the start of a new school year/summer camp/party, and I always have to resist my natural inclination to helicopter. I’m only about halfway into the book, but so far I’m learning a lot… and kicking myself a lot – wish I’d read it about seven years ago! Thanks Linda!

My Leafs Sweater My Leafs Sweater
My introverted, sensitive boy is also a huge hockey nut. This is his first season playing and he’s hooked. It’s also Jack’s first season (the second he saw the gear he wanted to wear it “So I can be War Machine!”) and he’s the one who brought this home. It’s a nice story, with nice pictures, but too advanced for Jack to read solo. Alex, however, was happy to read it twenty-four/seven and it prompted a ton of convos about historical Leafs. A ton. I’m not exactly sad the Leafs are done… I’m a little hockeyed out.

Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a CruiseWalter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise
Do I really need to say more?! There’s a whole series about this gassy dog and not only that, it’s a NY Times Best Selling series. Jack’s brought this home from the library twice now so, yep, he’s smitten. It should come as no surprise that the only way he’ll eat chilli is if he’s allowed to sing “Beans, beans, good for the heart…” between bites. So proper.

Easter BunnyEaster Bunny
Lola’s super into cute animals so she loved it when I pulled out this one we were gifted a few Easters ago. It’s got ducks, a hedgehog, and bunnies (duh), and each page has a different texture of the faux fur/pleather/corrugated cardboard variety. The big letters, glitter, and polka dots are a hit too.


Ernie also picked up a new book last month…

Along Interstate 75

Because we were nuts enough to Florida road-trip it with our munchkins and my parents. Nona kept Lola entertained for twenty-two hours… SUPERSTAR!

We’re also watching something new this month…

The Americans

Addicted! And that’s one more reason I’m happy to have our TV back on Saturday nights! Happy Easter! And happy Passover! And happy happy long weekend!

Read/watched anything good lately? Leave a comment below or email us to share!


2 thoughts on “Book love.

  1. Charise, thanks for the recommendation/feedback on The Highly Sensitive Child…will certainly look at getting my hands on a copy. And thanks to Linda too! Cheers, Lisa

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