The April menu.

Our April menu is now up on our Support page. We meal plan it out fam-style, and always serve at least two veggies (usually whatever’s in the fridge).

Food tip of the month: Playing with food amps up the fun factor, which goes a long way with picky eaters. We tempt our pickiest Veggie faceeater by arranging food on his plate to make him smile, battling it out with asparagus light sabres, and giving funny names to our meals. The boys find the name ‘mish mash’ about a zillion times more appealing than ‘leftovers’… me too.

Biggest hit this month: Steak and stir-fried vegetables with egg noodles. Our already-seated pickiest-eater got up from his chair to walk around the table and hug me saying “Thank you so much for making this dinner. I love this dinner. I’m going to eat every single bite!” And then he did. Woot!

Best shortcut meal: French toast. I didn’t complain when Alex requested it a few weeks after it was Jack’s meal night choice. Not one bit.

Biggest fail: Vegetarian chilli. I love it, but it seems I’m the only one. Whatevs.

Email us or leave a comment if you’d like a recipe or any previous month’s menu plan.

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