Freebie time!

I hope you all had a fantastic Mother’s Day and if you didn’t (been there), let me make it up to you.

I’ve met a lot of awesome moms as a result of this blog and one of them, as you know if you’ve been here a while, is Karen Davey from Mommy Connections. Last month she invited me to attend a Moms Brunch Club where I got to learn about homeopathy for families and practice my baby massage skills on Lola (who is officially a toddler so she sat still for about a second).
baby toddler massage
We were also treated to some yummy food (Lola was all over that and sat perfectly still until the muffins ran out) at Stratusphere Yoga Studios in Vaughan Mills – a beautiful and relaxing space that felt more like a spa than somewhere you go to workout. After all the fun and socializing, we were given swag bags to takeaway and… yup, you guessed it, one of you lucky peeps is walking away with mine!

Boiron yoga swag

It includes a yoga mat and two free yoga passes generously donated by Stratusphere, some baby goodies like diapers, zinc cream, and susu-clip, and an assortment of Boiron products including Stodal honey cough syrup, Arnicare tablets and gel for muscle and joint pain and bumps and bruises, Cicadermine skin and nasal irritation ointment, and Oscillococciunum pellets for flu symptoms. If you know anything about Boiron then you know just how valuable these goodies are.

There are FIVE ways to enter for a chance to win. Take your pick or do as many as you want for multiple entries!

Enter by:

  • Liking our FB biz page ( And then tell me because FB randomly hides likers from page administrators. Oh Facebook… you so cray-cray!
  • Sharing any link from our FB page on your timeline. And, yup, let us know – not sure why FB has to make it so difficult?
  • Following us on Twitter (@CRUNCHcompass).
  • Subscribing via email in the Sign Up field on the right – it’s free of course!
  • Sharing one of our links and cc’ing me on your email (

If you already do these things and want your name in the draw, leave a comment below or contact us.

Thanks for reading/sharing/liking/tweeting… and good luck!

Winner will be chosen at random. Contest closes Wednesday, May 21st at 1:23pm.

Psst… I’m delighted to be featured in this month’s edition of The Westside’s Story. Thanks Jodi and Jessica!


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