Book love.

Congratulations to Michelle, who won our Boiron/Stratusphere swag bag! Have fun Michelle and thanks to all who entered!

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Book love
I love books. My kids love books. We also love to share the books we’re crushing on to spread the love around. Here are our top picks from the past month.

Connected ParentingConnected Parenting
If you read this post, then it should come as no surprise that this is my latest page-turner. The second Jennifer’s talk was over I hustled to the book-buying line, purchased said book and promptly put it in my bag with an open bottle of water to head over to a Mindfulness seminar. Ironic much? It took a week to dry out and the pages are kinda wonky, but it’s still good. It’s packed with more entertaining stories and more info about consequences, because once you’ve mastered how to stay CALM you still need something else up your sleeve to actually get results. JK describes her approach as one that “combines compassion and deep caring with consistency and limit-setting,” which is right up my alley. It’s also more difficult and tiring than I thought it would be, and I find myself taking deep breaths quite often these days. Serenity now.

Star Wars dayStar Wars: A Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy
It was Star Wars day a few weeks ago, so our menu consisted of Death Stars and droid parts (meatballs and fusilli), and veggie stick light sabres. And of course Han Solo in carbonite AKA jello for dessert. Alex spent the better part of the day re-reading this old fave, which has TONS of movie info and super elaborately constructed pop-ups that Lola is desperate to attack. It even comes with mini light sabres that actually light up, so I can’t say I blame her.

LEGO DC Super Heroes: Phonics Boxed SetLego Super Heroes Phonics
This was Jack’s Scholastic choice a couple of months ago and it took a while to arrive. There are ten short books with short words, perfect for Jack’s sounding-out abilities, and two workbooks for him to practice his letters/doodle/colour. Plus, bonus, it comes in a handy little carrying case that he likes to call “my briefcase”. It was worth the wait.

Elmo's Potty TimeElmo’s Potty Time
Check out this gem I found while spring cleaning, behind a bookshelf and buried in dust bunnies and random LEGO pieces! I was especially delighted because I’d been looking for it with no luck, much like Dolly number one who is still missing without a trace. Jack loved this one while potty training and Lola’s enjoying it too. Great rhyming songs and activities to help keep her entertained while we sit together and wait… and wait… and wait.

Ernie hasn’t read anything lately, too much other excitement these days…

NHL Playoff

So much for my wacky idea that I’d be getting my TV back because the Leafs didn’t make it! Pshaw!

Read/watched anything good lately? Leave a comment below or email us to share!


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