The May menu.

Our May menu is now up on our Support page. We meal plan it out fam-style, and always serve at least two veggies (usually whatever’s in the fridge).

Food tip of the month: If you’re baking a cake, freeze it after cooling to room temp. You might remember I learned this totally pro trick last spring along with these cake-baking tips. If you want an extra moist cake and less party day stress (because you can bake it WEEKS in advance), just remember to ice it before you ice it. Sorry. And while we’re talking cakes, parchment paper is super helpful so you can easily drop it outta your cake pan, avoiding this unpleasantness…

Broken cake

Yikes. But luckily icing can solve ANY problem, even the crazily-moist-stuck-broken-in-the-pan kind. It’s all good!

Superhero Batman cake

Biggest hit this month: Toss up between the burgers Ernie bbq’d for Mother’s Day and the Star Wars fare I made for May the Fourth. What’s in a name? A heck of a lot when it comes to preschoolers and food, peeps.

Best shortcut meal: Jack randomly chose BLT’s & chick pea salad… that’s my boy.

Biggest fail: So far the homemade chicken fingers and fries were a downer – they were excitedly received until the first bite and the response was tepid at best. However, Saturday’s meal is still to come and I’m guessing it’ll be this month’s biggest loser. Tuna and white bean quinoa salad. Yum to me, yuck to everyone else. I’ve got some ideas for a fun way to sell it and yup, it might just involve some leftover birthday cake dessert bribes. I’ll keep you posted!

Email us or leave a comment below if you’d like a recipe, previous month’s menu, or our snazzy template.

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