The June menu.

Our June menu is now up on our Support page, or you can just click on the image below. We meal plan it out fam-style, and always serve at least two veggies (usually whatever’s in the fridge).

dinner meal plan

Food tip of the month: Set up mini-buffets for the extras of each meal. Picky eaters are much more likely to eat if they have a say in what they’re eating. We serve oatmeal for breakfast most mornings, and salad with most other meals, but it’s always laid out buffet-style so they can add-in however many nuts/seeds/dried fruits or carrots/peppers/cherry tomatoes they want. Lola’s been known to enjoy a carrot or three with her oatmeal… yum.

Biggest hit this month: Our Father’s Day feast of ribs, corn muffins, bean salad, asparagus, and whatever other random veggies we had on-hand. Any meal with corn muffins always wins the biggest hit award.

Best shortcut meal: Black bean quesadillas. My kids don’t like the appearance and texture of black beans, but pureed and smeared on spread-style with a whole whack of melted cheese between two fajitas… ’nuff said.

Biggest fail: Steak and quinoa. Any meal with quinoa always wins the biggest fail award.

Email us or leave a comment below if you’d like a recipe, previous month’s menu, or our snazzy template.

*Psst… I’m taking the summer off to spend quality time with my munchkins. You can still email me – I won’t be writing new blog posts but am happy to continue answering your questions. Have a great summer!

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