Freebie time!

Last spring, I was contacted by someone from a company called Peekapak* to do a product review. Not a blog product review, just a mom product review. She asked if she could send me one of their “educational craft kits for young children”, have my most age-appropriate munchkin go to town, and then provide her with feedback. Since my mind works the way it does, I immediately asked if I could pass it onto one of you lucky peeps. Her response? We’ll send you two. Now, in my world, conversations typically start with a question/comment, proceed to a repeat/nag, and end with an “Are you listening to me?”, and here was someone who really wanted to hear what I had to say and I only had to say it once? She had me at hello. (Side note, I have GOT to find a minute to do a quick peruse of these listening-skill-teaching tactics!)

Best crafts for kids

Ours arrived back in April, when the weather was all sunshine and mild temps one day, doom and gloom the next. In other words, it was the perfect time to have a box-o-crafts and a new book on hand.

Hero of Colour City

As usual my pics don’t do it justice (he spent HOURS on the floating boat and polar bear mask and I only snapped action shots of the puppet? And what is with the creepy finger?!), but it was super fun and Jack learned a heck of a lot about the Arctic! If that’s not specific enough for ya, click here to read my actual emailed response.

Teaching kids with crafts and books Arctic

Now that the weather’s turned hit-or-miss and kids everywhere are starting to get busy with the googly eyes again, it’s pretty good timing for this contest dontcha think? Peekapak shipped their newest box a few weeks ago and it’s been burning a hole on my dresser ever since. It’s an extra special one because this month they partnered with Magnolia Pictures to create The Hero of Color City box based on the movie. I’m not gonna lie… I sneaked a peak… it looks AMAZING.

★ There are SIX ways to enter for a chance to win. Enter as many different ways as you want – more entries mean more chance of winning! To enter simply:

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If you already do any of these things and want your name in the draw, comment or contact us – we’ll sort it out.

Thanks for reading/sharing/liking/tweeting… and good luck!

Winner will be chosen at random. Contest closes Wednesday, October 29th at 1:23pm.

*If you’re on Facebook then check out Peekapak’s Facebook page to get updates like these “Are you ready for November’s Peekapak? Order early with the coupon code EARLYBIRDFRIENDS and get $10 off your November pack. Better hurry, this promotion is only on from October 20-26th!” Hmmm… guess I know what someone’s getting for Christmas!


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