Freebie time!

Hi friends! Hope you all survived yesterday’s storm without too much trouble or backpain! Here’s something to perk you up if you’re feeling kinda skeptical about Wiarton Willie’s prediction.

I was recently contacted by a lovely woman named Sadie (side note, don’t you just love that name?) who co-owns an online boutique called Baby Pre-Loved*. She asked if I’d be interested in ordering something from her shop and sharing my experience with you lovely mamas. Of course I asked “What’s in it for them?” and, well, we wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t delivered.


Sadie offered me $30 for my own purchase and let me tell you, that $30 stretched FAR. I bought 4 shirts, PJ’s, this book my kids love (seriously, we’ve taken it out of the library three times since school started!), BRAND NEW party lights to glam up Lola’s bedroom, and two pairs of mittens. Not bad for $30, eh? There are TONS of super affordable clothing options for boys and girls of all ages, toys, books, gear (slings!), and accessories (I know we’re not the only ones losing mittens!), and they even offer bargain bundles so you can buy a bunch of clothes together for a reduced price. The condition is described per item, so no need to fret about the possibility of loose seams or dog-eared pages. Our package was hand delivered a few days later, and everything was perfect. In fact, until now I never knew it was possible for a six year-old to keep a white dress-shirt white. Whoulda thunk?

photo 1

Needless to say, I’m delighted to be passing along Sadie’s FIFTY DOLLAR gift certificate to one of you lucky readers. I’m guessing $50 could almost buy you a whole new spring wardrobe for your munchkin… sweet!

★ There are SIX ways to enter for a chance to win. Enter as many different ways as you want – more entries mean more chance of winning! To enter simply:

  • Leave a comment below.
  • Like our FB page ( And then tell me because FB randomly hides likers from page administrators. So. not. cool.
  • Share a link from our FB page on your timeline. And, yup, let us know – not sure why FB has to make it so difficult?
  • Follow us on Twitter (@CRUNCHcompass).
  • Subscribe to receive our free articles via email (in the Sign Up section on the right).
  • Share one of our links with one of your besties and cc me on your email (

If you already do any of these things and want your name in the draw, comment or contact us – we’ll sort it out.

Thanks for reading/sharing/liking/tweeting… and good luck!

Winner will be chosen at random. Contest closes Monday, February 9th at 1:23pm.

*If you’re on Facebook then check out Baby Pre-Loved’s Facebook page to get their updates and special offers in your feed!


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