Hi there. Thanks for checking out our site. My name’s Reese. My husband is Ernie. We have two boys, Alex and Jack, and a little girl, Lola.

When people ask what our CRUNCH compass roles are, I jokingly reply that Ernie’s the inspiration and I’m the perspiration. But that means I’m describing us, or what we do, as genius. And genius, we are not.

We are simply health-conscious, money-conscious, parents, spouses, and friends. We’ve been employed and unemployed, sold a house and bought two, had car accidents and toilet training accidents and we’ve learned to adapt. We’re also writers, readers, listeners, tutors, housekeepers, housecleaners, cooks, first aid providers, and… you get it.

Your personal trainer, mentor at work, and the chef at your favourite restaurant didn’t learn everything from a textbook. Neither did we. But we combine the lessons we’ve learned the hard way with our aptitude for problem solving to develop solutions for everyday situations.

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