Our Peekapak review.

Hi Ami,

Sorry it’s taken me a little while to give you feedback – we were on vacation when your box arrived. It was an awesome treat to come home to!

My son totally loved it. He was curious about the box and got right into cutting as soon as he opened it up. He couldn’t wait for me to read the story but wanted me to read while he crafted, so I did that up until one of the crafts and then helped him along with it, etc. We “worked” on the box for four days straight – spending at least an hour each day. And by ‘we’ I mean that I helped set him up and then I sat back to enjoy my coffee while he got busy :) I was there to help as needed for glue, etc., but it was rarely needed. I’m sure he would have sat down and worked on it from start to finish if we didn’t have any other obligations like school and food! He was having so much fun he didn’t even realize he was learning, but I sure noticed him re-telling details from the story to his big brother and Dad later on.

The one thing I wasn’t crazy about was the long, thin, crinkly paper in the box. I’m not sure if that’s packaging material or just to make it more fun when they open it (or maybe we missed somewhere where it was supposed to be a part of the craft?) but it ended up all over the place when my 4 year old started pulling everything out and my toddler decided to throw it and run away with it. When I only had one child I would have probably been able to contain it faster, and likely would even have saved it for another craft, but with 3 kids running circles around me it made a big mess. I also think some hyper-green parents would complain about the wastefulness aspect – kids make a lot of crafts if they enjoy crafts, so despite our best intentions we end up recycling a lot of paper and it’s a bit annoying to have extra craft packaging to recycle as well.

We both loved the presentation – it’s easy to see you guys put a lot of thought and work into it! I would suggest using a less sticky sticker to seal the outside of the box. The clear plastic round one required scissors or a knife to cut and my son was impatient while waiting. I personally would like it to be totally kid-friendly so they could rip right in, although I imagine another parent might like it to be super sealed so they can control the opening (and any potential mess). It’s hard to please everybody!

Overall I really love your product and my son did too. Thanks so much for sending it to us! If you’re still interested in doing a blog giveaway then please let me know and I’ll write up a blog review with pictures, etc. I took a ton of pics and plan to upload some to your facebook page as soon as I have a chance.

Let me know if you have any questions or want more details – I’m happy to discuss further or if you have a particular aspect you want to ask me about.

Thanks again Ami.

All the best,


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